Saturday, December 15, 2012

obstetrik n gynecology

assalamualaikum,i've been to labour room..nk thu apa itu labour room,its wad bersalin..:) sgt2..n many cases were reported in there..yes,im totally shocked..its my 1st experience n the feeling was like,Allah at last,sy msuk jgk ktmpt yg sy pling xna pergi sbb branak adlh moment yg pling sy ngeri n tkot..coz,im so kesian with the mothers..

td pergi pkul 11,senang je nk msuk sbb sy pkai labcoat n ada nametag yg tulis i am mbbs student..once i enter,the feeling totally different..woah,we need to change our attire,after put off my labcoat n wear hospital's attire,we proceed to the labour room..ktorang pergi berempat je..which me,puteri nabila,aina(from 2nd year but sme old with me) n kak mia..we walk in like a me n puteri doesn't have any knowledge in O&G.hehe..luckily we have kak mia..she explained eeverything according to the,so many things to rmmber,but that makes me more excited to bcome o&G specialist..hehehehe..then,we proceed to the closest  patient which their cervix opening almost reach 10cm..wait,before that,cervix opening must me minimally reach 10cm..or else,the baby hardly to be deliver out to know??senang je..u just put the two middle fingers n put it into the vaginal opening..n mawell,i talk it openly coz i know,every women will experience shud know coz,the pain while doing those opening examination so painful..huhu..

1st room i enter already finish delivered..n she's a single pity of her..huhu..n i saw how intern midwife stitch the cutting opening at the labia,painful coz the midwife hesitated to stich at which part..i saw the patient reaction..she is in pain so much..i patted her shoulder n calm her down..she smile n acted a lil bit cool..then,i go to the neonates room..n all the newborn babies were there..n they are so cute..i cant stop kissed their so in love with babies n children..should i change my dream to the paeds??emm..lemme think n,undergrad medical dgree pn xdpt lg..hahaha..dream on la tqah kan..:P

then,we proceed to the next room which her cervix opening were about 8 cm...still,x hard contraction happen..the mother actually an obesity,she's had hard moment to push since she can't breathe pretty well..n midwife started to scare coz baby's bp drop,midwife n nurses called the specialist n doctors ask for solution..the only way is to have,they proceed with tuh la,eh,dh tkr mlayu..hehehe..xpe2..i love mix language..sori ye friends..lps tuh,kak mia tnye,nk join x tgk caeser byk prosedur..kna bkak bju..pkai sterilised clothes n kna bkak tdung..just pkai yg cover kpala..erghh..mcm plik skit la sbb kna bkak aurat n specialist msa tuh adlh,i was like..its fine la..nnti ktorang akn blajar,we refused..hehehe..sbb prosedur nk msuk OT sgt2 la ssh since we prone to bring infectious pathogens klu x pkai sterilised,xpela..i hold that temptation to the clinical year nnti..insha Allah..^_^.
prceed with next patient yg umor 19 thun shock actually coz me is 20..hehehe..wtv la..then,that's my 1st patient yg sy tgk delivery scara live..she is totally calm..dia lngsung xmnjrit like any other pregnant woman do for delivery moment..totally calm..midwife n nurses mintak push,dia push,brnfas n mcm2 lg cara nk bg snang ank kluar,she follows n totally sgt bgos..Allahuakbar,so tolerance patient..nurse pji dia n dia asyk snyum je...lps branak tuh,dia letih n tp lps tgk ank dia,she smile a lot n a lil bit eager to ask her about her partner or hubby,tp dari cra dia cmtu,i,i proceed the next moment..lps baby kluar,we're waiting for placenta or uri utk detach from mother's uterus..its sooooooooooooo big..n its bigger than so lame rite..eleh,klu 1st timer medical stdnt pn akn jd lame mcm,dat time,there's a method to pull the uterus out..really easy all these work are done by,doctors just sit at the back,watch the midwife performing their work..ouh,i forgot,to ensure the babies well delivered,midwife gonna cut the labia major areaa which at the bottom of the vagina area..kna ptong,klu x,kpala baby mmg ssh nk kdg2,kpala baby kecik,xprlu ptong..its depend..heheh..

well,byk lg yg sy tgk..lps patient 19 thun tuh,proceed next room which is 40 years old mother..this pregnancy were her 6th time..but 2 were miscarriage coz of the ectopic pregnancy..this mother didn't want to push..n the baby totally drowned in,the mother looks so pale since she's so exhausted..aish..pity to baby coz she had to wait little longer in her mother's womb..but,only then,nurses force the mother to push,or else,the baby might drown n tuh la..mak dia nmpk sgt2 pnt..she even cry coz she can't do the push sbb dia sgt2 pnt..i saw her reaction n feel so tuh la..dia degil xnak push..tuh yg buat dia jd cpt ltih..aish..midwife scold her coz of her tuh la..after half an hour later,she still dont want to push,tp ktorang dh nmpk kpala baby tme,nurses pksa jgk push..alhamdulillah,after 5 nurses n midwife efforts,she's finally delivered her 4th child..see how hard the mother have to push the baby..

eh,i've gone overboard actually..many things to share coz i spent 3 hours in,its about 5 delivery i saw..i even want to share story bout this bleeding tuh la..i mls dh nk taip..xlrt n,i think,i try my best to find my time to tell other sgt2 best n pnt coz we cant even have time to sit since im too excited to watch delivering moment..hoho.n smpai skarang sy msih trbyg2..erghh..the smell of many blood n mnth n i feel so dizzy kot thn jela..nsib xpengsan je sbb bau uri n darah sgt la dats the best moment for me as a 1st year medical stdnt..bkn calang2 org bleh msuk labour rooms...only certain were allowed k..:)..midwife n nurses were so kind n polite..alhamdulillah..i love the environment..n the most thing that i love is entering neonates warm room...watching the newborn babies n kiss them crazily..if they nanges,i run out from that room..after a while,i msuk blik..see,how crazy i am..hehehe..well,so many patient n certain were screamed out in pain,some unexpectedly terberak n etc..

rasa sgt2 bersyukur n hati jd sayu tringt kesusahan mama tme branakkan sy..huhu..bla tgk their painful facial expression tuh,rasa sgt2 speechless sbb rasa mcm skit tuh ada dkt la,tp yg psti,i love O&G n,insha Allah,my future plan are going to be,i want to say,i love my mama so much n tq mama coz u never hesitates to give ur love n care to me,cam plik je english iolls..alhamdulillah n inshaAllah,ill be the best daughter n will make u proud of me..:)

p/s:sori for the mix n broken english..i try my best to make u guys understand..tata guys..

TQ FOR READING..see u later..:)

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