Thursday, December 18, 2014


assalamualaikum wbt..
well,dh lama sgt xupdate kt blog.nseb ingt lagi password.. =.=''..
what makes me want to update sbb i want to tell about a story of a man who makes my heart flutter and always in palpitation when seeing him around..
i was first met him during our foundation study but on that time,he literally hot and i only able to see from far.on the same time,there's this guy who approached me and saying to be friend with me. but i cant think further on that time,so i deliberately accept him and left the guy that i adore just like that. however, after few month we left the foundation study,i cant stop thinking of that,i decided to approached him.see,how shameless am i, but i was thinking that,i just wanna be friend with him since i knew,he got lots of fans other than me and i'm just a small pieces of dust who only wants to be his friend.not more than that.hehehe..
well , the plan, i'd started our conversation by revealing his secret that i currently stalked by my enough huh..pdahal nk attract him kan.but in my mind on that time was like,just friend.i dont expect much since he is totally a handsome guy,plus he plays martial arts which usually have lots of fans and trust me,he really have lots of,i think,why not just,at the moment we had the conversation thru fb, he response me well and we kept chatting thru fb.omg,on that time i was like,he's so,i asked for his no since it took me few months to have it just to wait either he will asked my no first.unfortunately,its me who ended up asked his no,his reason was,he had an ego.ego sangat yer awk. so,we continue by texting.on that time whatsapp was not too common.and i only have fon,we only text when we need only.but we do actively chat thru fb.he really response me and my thought was,he's a playboy coz he said he got lots of secret admirers who always bothers him and sape xtrase.its like im also his,i ended up seldomly text him.really seldom u know..and he acted like im nothing at all.he only text me when he bored.and i was totally frustated.well,we had become friend thru online and phone for about two years but i ended up thought,we are just FRIEND since he acted like im just his friend

but what makes us special was,he knew my secrets,and i knew almost all of his secrets.i knew everything about him.well,im an excellent stalker kan.we share all about our thought almost everything.he sometimes asked for my opinion,we share the same hobbies and sometimes,when he was in sad moment,im going to comfort him and either way round to,dats what make me think he's special to me.omg,im totally unabled to left him on that time.i felt like,only him is my very best listener but on the same time,i think,he only think of me as his friend, i have decided to stop chasing him around,just thinking of him as my friend atau kawan biasa,i ended up accepting other's love which i named him as mr.Z just to stop loving this handsome guy,mr A.unfortunately,the thing didn't work very well, the guy that i accepted his love was totaly a good guy,the bad one was me.i was kept response to this handsome guy and more comfortable with him..MR A kept attracting my attention and i cant denied his attention to me since i think,my heart already with him.i was waited for him to confess to me,but in my mind, MR A just wanna play around,i ended up think ,im nothing to him..but when i told mr A about Mr Z are going to propose me,Mr A immediately confessed his love to me and made me speechless and on that time,i was the happiest girl since i never thought he totally love me just like i love him very much.
so,it took me few days to totally tells MR Z about my situation,.what made me felt bad was when, he was crying twice bcoz i said,i cant accept him anymore since we also got internal conflicts which i'd cried few times all along our relationship.well,me and him was just friend but in a special way but for me,i only think of him as friend since i already told him that i'm in love with another guy.see,im a bad girl.sori awak..T_T..

back to mr A,alhamdulillah,i accepted him with blooming heart,sape tak suka bila orang kau usha dkt dua thun lbih, kata suka kat kau.pfft..lagi2 dia tuh orang kau gilakn sgt tp takot nk approach since he's too hot.but,i didnt look at him based on his looks k.i felt comfortable with him sbb he's a very good listener,indeedly!! he's a joker and pndai pjuk if aku mrajok..uwa melting kau. and ada satu prangai yang buat aku lagi jtuh cinta tp xleh,to awak,dont let ur ego leads ur desire anymore k.

so,last week awk g umrah and hopefully,all the prayers from u and ur family will be listen by Allah.semoga selamat pulang ke malaysia dengan selamat k.semoga segala amalan awak sekeluarga diterima Allah.well,indeedly,i miss him sbb masa kt airport hritu, he was introducing me to his family especially his mama.waa.sape x trharu,so alhamdullah,on both side ok je.thanx for everything my mr A,its 2years already since our first introduction. okbai.

thanx for reading..:D

Friday, May 10, 2013

my holiday

Assalamualaikum,hye all..alhamdulillah,less than 1 week left before im proceed with my 2nd year..well,kind of bored n my brain totally ksong2..why??bcoz,I left my brain without medical knowledge for about 4weeks..Allahuakbar,I maybe turn into something else when the class start..arghh..but then,what makes me become very lazy is the Korean drama n tv..n shopping with mama..why??because,I just don’t like to stdy when im home..seriously..never tell me why bcoz im totally cant proceed the stdy..yes,I do stdy the 2nd year 1st module which is gastrointestinal tract module,but then,for about 4 weeks having holiday,only 3 lectures I could probably finished them up..still,I already forgot most of the contents..Allah2..hehe..well,this is because of my laziness towards studying..aish,whatsoever long as I enjoyed my holiday very much..Alhamdulillah..really2 love being at home though I don’t spend my time fully hangout with friends..but my mum is the bestfren ever..hoho..she is so cool and promise myself to give my best to her since she gave me everything from life until best accommodation…yet I know she wants the best for me though we’re so different in skin colour..she’s white,I’m medium,my grandma is chinese,so my mom totally resembled my grandma..ok,i mls nk smbung,we're continue later k readers..slm alaik n thanx for reading

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

chaotic exam

assalamualaikum wbt
sori sgt2 sbb amek msa yg sgt lma utk update je hbs smnggu xm final 1st year..well,lps 2hari,result release tros n alhamdulillah sy llus..:)..slps sthun brhmpas pulas n semnggu asyk nanges sbb rsau dgn performance yg sgt2 trok..huhu..YA Allah,trok kot msa tuh sbb rsa mmg xleh buat..blik lps jwb xm nanges..1st day xm MEQ paper..smua skali ada 10 scenario/case n SAQ..YA Allah,sbnrnya soalan xssh sbb mmg klu stdy,uolls akn dpt jwb tp sbb byk sgt2 nk kna stdy n tba2 lost memory tme tuh..rsa nk jerit je dlm dwn xm..tgk mmbe2 smua jwb dgn tnang..msa btul2 xckup..stu soalan essay kna jwb dlm msa 2 mnit..lps dicongak..we have only 1 hour n 45 min to finish all the questions..seriously mmg xckup msa n sooalan mmmg sgt2 la byk..msa tuh mmg doa n jwb smbil hntam je..english tunggang langgang..pstu nma parasites slh tulis bgai..but then,after half an hour answering the question,i get back all the memory and strength..cma time tuh rsa byk gler xleh jwb n lps je paper meq part 2 hbes ptg tuh,tros nanges tresak2..rsa mcm tme tuh down lps dpt kekuatan dan pelukan dri akhawat2 trcinta,tros bangkit utk ospe.

the next day tuh..stdy mcm org x btul mlm tuh..mnum 2 gelas nescafe n tdo pkul 4.30 pg..bgn pkul 6 pg...solat pstu smbung stdy smpai kul 7 pg..then drive to rcmp utk check in as 1st session for ospe.ospe nih paper praktikal..means ada 30 station altogether..pstu,ada 2 session dgn fake patient..ada communication skill n etc..stiap station akn ada soalan n figure given etc..stu session trmsuk dgn fake patient tuh hnye 4 mnute..dh la soalan still,kta xnanges k.:)paper tuh jela..lps tuh,tros blik qada tdo..bgn tuh trase sgt2 trok sbb tdo trlbih..tdo dlm 3 jam je..YA Allah,bgn tros migrain..nk muntah n slera mkn,redha jela..bahan nescafe lg..tdo pkul 2pg sbb xthn bgn pkul 5,smbung stdy n qiam..haih..xtw knape rsa hdup trok gler tme tuh..chaotic sgt2..mebi sbb stdy last minute n memoryy pn tba2 jd short..grm tol..huhu..

last paper,EMQ..have 150 question n 2 jam stgh je kena jwb..can u imagine,dgn soklan yg berbelit bgai..felt like dying inside theree..i was like is this truly medical person..then,kluar xm hall,crying all over again..then,akhawat2 came n hugged me..givve me ayt2 quran sbg pnenang jiwa yg sgt2 kcau nih..pstu ada jgk yg perli duk ckp,nanges mcm xde iman n tawakl kpd ALlAh..Allah,sntap kjp hti,bkn mcm tuh,sy nanges sbb sy xbrusaha sehabis rsa usaha sy tgh jln je..pstu fiki nk give up je..sbb tuh sy rsa sy xbrape ykin akn pass.msa tuh xnk fail sbb nk sgt blik klntn..xblik dkt 3 bln..then mama asyk kol a week bfore xm..nanges sbb pnt sgt urus nnek sorang grandma act having a strok and cant move literally coz right part of her abdominal cant,she need us to lift her and treat,mama have to do all this work alone bcoz abah are not around act..he's working at,mama je ada..

so,stop bout mama..then,dlm 2hri mnunggu result tuh..i cant be alone bcoz ill cry as much as i want..xthu knape prangai jd trok bebeno tme tuh..dbr xyah ckp r..i cant friend drive me n housemates to the college..hoho.see,how bad am ptg tuh smpt tdo sbb smlmn xtdo piki bnda2 tuh..solat hjt n etc xyah ckp bape byk buat..coz i know my performances totally bad on that hnye mmpu fully rely to lps dpt result,nanges lg sbb trharu sy llus..uwaaaa..Allah2,msa tuh,3-4 org dtg pluk sy yg hmpr rebah dpn board result..then,dr gopal came and said,see u in ur 2nd year k..ohmai,itu yg mnyebabkn sy smakin trok mnanges..ouh,how lame n naive sgt2 tme tuh..rsa mcm,hey,why did i cry..n i answered,i cry bcoz now i biliv,Allah's miracle totally awesome..hebatnya rsa sgt hina n trok sgt..Allah,thanx for All,u really2 the most awesome ONE.thanx Allah..n brckp psl result,now im officially finish my 1st year..inshaAllah,next target,wanna score in 2nd year..klu llus,tros fly india..;)>.doakan sy utk thun kedua nih ye...n sori for ALl my mistakes..n my bad english.sori again..thanx love.thanx Allah,parent,siblings,Him,friends,and All..for the support n everything really love everyone..;)

Monday, March 18, 2013

jalan yang aku pilih

bismillahirrahmanirrahim..salam alaik' smua..
alhamdulillah..kerana msih diberi pluang utk trus berbakti dan meredeem dosa kpd Allah..lma jgk ana x blog..mebi ana sibuk dgn hal2 khidupan ana nih..well,xlma lg ana nk final dh..yer,final utk 1st year as mbbs student di unikl rcmp...doakan ana llus yer..mngkn xmmpu nk cpai kcemerlangan slagi..huhu..takot sgt2..YA Allah,tp ana perlu kuat n fikir,ini msa dpn ana.knape ana pilih jln ini...setiap apa yg ana buat,ada hikmah..ana pernah jatuh,xkn ingin trus jatuh kn..ana juga fikir,mngkn tba msanya ana move on n keep myself up and become the most outstanding dukturah..Allahurabbi..ingin sgt mnjd dukturah muslimah yg mmprjuangkan medic di jln Allah..:).ingin mncri disetiap mksd yg belajar,psti ada trselit ilmu al-quran didalamnya..ttpi,krana trlalu sibuk dgn study dan byk yg msih xmmpu nk cver lg..ana rsa,mngkn jka ada msa,ana ingin mncarinya..inshaAllah..:)..btw,doakan ana yer antum2 smua..doakan ana llus tnpa ulangan supplementari atau ulangan tahun..ana ingin buat ibubapa ana bangga dgn ana.inshaAllah,ana akn usaha sehabis molek demi semua..smuanya kerana Allah.amin YA Rabb..:)

meh beli..murah2