Wednesday, May 16, 2012

training moment :) part 1

Assalamualaikum,ive been here for almost 4 days..experienced many kind of things overhere..well,for those who still curious,im pursuing my training stdy at unikl rcmp..insyaAllah,i will be here until july..this training is organise by unikl admin to ensure we are ready enough to proceed our dgree in any field..yes,i am fist spt studnt who eventually compulsory to finish up my sem 3, fist unikl..n ive choose my dgree course n ive been given this kind of place to pursue my practical stdy....ive choose mbbs course..:)..people tend to condemn n there's also supporting me coz of my choice..well,its a normal life right..everyone have their own opinion... Well,...why i choose medic??do u know that course probably hard???dont u know,u nd a very high soul n spirt in order to finish this course???well,guys,open up ur mind..every single course require high capabilities of each persons right??n why i choose medical course bcoz i tend to think on myself that i am truly in love to help people who in need not only just giving them hopes n advices but also,i'd love to treat them sincerely..well,one of my dreams are to organize and build up a prvate hospital which specialize only for poor and chronic disease...its so ptiful looking on those sick n unhappy faces fighting for their life..while,healthy people wandering n enjoying their life happily. ..emmm..thinking of saving life sometimes make me thinks,isn't tooo danger since we endeavour with life right..but,ive been gven a statement from Al-Quran stated that if u killed a person with purpose,it parable as u killed all of human on the, i think,most of doctor in this world doesnt intend to kill their patient..why??bcoz treating the patients are their most priority job..kan??so,why shud people blame on doctor's shoulder only..people shud have faith in their mind that its Allah's work that tke people's life right...:) To be continued guys.:)..

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