Saturday, February 2, 2013

halawatul iman n grand sujud

assalamualaikum antunna smua..jzakillahu khair to Allah coz still give me breath to live until now..well,this update are about the current event n prgram that i've attended from last 2 week until todayy..
before that,i want to share something..mashaALlah,u know what,islam are so lovely and magnificient..yes,truly beautiful.if you know how i feel for being a muslimah and born as a muslim woman..yes,faith towards Allah and how we as muslim withstand with our own eternity know what,why people love to go to peaceful places like seaside,lakeside,waterfront n etc...because they keep prostration and really afraid and knows how to impress,they manage to keep dua' and bless up our prophets especially our prophet muhammad S.A.W.but us??subhanallah,how the the creatures made by Allah inspires me a lot..i'll try my best to keep my faith and will improvise my daily practices like sunat pray,yasin reciting twice per week and read al-mathurat everyday..i still trying,but inshaAllah,i'll try my best to achieve it..

back to the topic..last week,i'd attend usrah and it's so yummy2 and awesome..well said,my akhawat2 were superb and fabulous...Alhamdulillah..however,only 4 outta of 8 including me were coming..the rest were having difficulties.nevermind my akhawat2 usrati,there's so many other time..hehehe..i'd like to introduce my usrahmate and my naqibah(leader)..the leader are wearing light blue scarf..not the turqoise one k..hehe..our naqibah had cook something awesome..and it's a spagetti,just nonsense title..well,the food were cook with love and she loves us and our relationship so much..know what,she's totally a good friend of mine..she always gives advices and keep supporting me especially when i was not pain sometimes killing me inside..but then,my akhawat2 n another ukhti really concerned with me..yes,i admit,i'm so stubborn..why??because i just don't like the way my doctor treat me..huhu..but then,my superwoman,ukhti awatif always there for,out of,we're going to nearest park named tmn DR at ipoh..we discuss about why environment were more awesome than us..the discussion begin at 5.45 and end at 7.15..yeah,spending my day with them are so i love my akhawat2 here so much..tq love..;)
 next,last nite i've attend MABIT which mean malam bina iman and taqwa..was awesome and superb..seriously,it is so outstanding and i'm looking forward to have them..just,my sickness can't fully adapt with the sleeping mode there..thus,i'm having difficulties to sleep well..its okay,now,i'm fine..Alhamdulillah..;)..ok,just nothing to share..let the pictures talk..hehe..ok bai..tq for reading and may Allah bless u..:)..jzkillahu khairan kathiran all..assalamualaikum.
p/s:my english totally out of league..i'm so bad in english.i'm so sorry if my english totally irritating you guys who expert in english

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