Monday, May 30, 2011

unfortunate incident..T_T

Someone asked me to write up my entry in English..well,Im gonna make this entry as a special version..euwww…haha….he told me that I was too obvious always using my malay n klntan words..he challenged me,to write my entry in english…omaigucci…what do u think bout my English???i was shocked n cant take out my single word…but,I am not a person who cant fulfil other’s wish a good girl…euuww…

n im going to tell u guys bout the incident happen to me last week..hehe..n i kept it a secret since i dont wanna reveal the things up..

Well,im not taken aback when someone called me n asked me to leave her boyfren..Allahuakbar,whats wrong with these girls nowadays..i didn’t even know ur man n now,u waste all ur credit up just to give a call to a bitch that so called by u to me…haih..u called me n for the first time,I was laughing a lot coz I never met a person like u stupid girl..u called me n without hesitation shouting angrily towards my cutie ears…are u a damnmoore…im going to puke up when I listen to ur voice…u call me bitch coz I was trying to capture ur boyfiie..euww again..n when I ask u who the hell were ur boyfie..n guest what fren,I didn’t even know him..even his number were not in my come those things happen???im not desperate k..keep it in ur mind…she is too much…I was like,oh,are u trying to fool around..and she told me,stop pretending b***..

Haih..this girl was too much..n I cant stand..n u know what??i tell her again..are sure that this number belongs to u that make u shouting n spouts like crazy bastard???she yelled again n said something unacceptable…I was yelling back to I a bitch like her…she was like,stop pretending bitch girl..u are a pervert n come my boyfie fall for u..even u are like a prostitute…astaghfirullahalzim..again,my anger still in medium level..coz,im not into ur boyfie k girl..n suddenly,she called my name n said in klate version

“nm mg mekna kea??xsoh duk koya juruh la tino???mg ingt mg tuh baik sgt ko??serow debe nga sedak ko rmpas gewe ore??baso tino gilo…B*** la mg nih…koya come,pdhl muko po t***..nate apo..”

this is in kl version:

“nm ko na kan??xpyh nk tnjuk baik la betina??ko ingt ko tuh baik sgt ker???rsa berani dgn best ker bila ko rmps pakwe aku???mmg dasar betina gila…B*** la ko nih…prasan lawa,pdhl muka cam T***..”

Ok..did u see the words???is it harsh or cutie words???if she was standing in front of me,im going to slap her n smile..while saying,are u enough babe???can I ask u again..who the hell was ur boyfie…I dun even know him..

N well,im not a girl who easily sentap…I was laughing n keep laughing k…I told her that can u call my name again..can u see the name she called me…well,to be name is wan nur atiqah bt wan muhamad sabri..did u see any words from my name rely to NA….people currently called me tiqah or my ex called me iqa..n how come,NA is going to be there..n that’s the reason,why I kept laughing..

Well,she was astonished for the fact bout telling her bout my education n also,my availability or in other words,my STATUS..n sorry k little girl..haha..i told her that im a married woman..i am 30 years old n I have 3 children… trying to pull a prank on her,since she called me like uneducated girl…she kept provoke my words n tell me bout the lie I try to play..haha..n asked me to get rid of her boyfie,or else,something will going to be happen..adoii…n I told her,I am a mother of a 3 children..n im not even interested with other man,including her boyfie..instead,I didn’t even know him rite…
N suddenly,she’s cry like a baby..n asked for a forgiveness from me…haha…whats wrong with the girl..n I forgive her easily coz no need to keep something like this rite..she told me bout her boyfie n he asked for a break up..n she told me,a presence of third person called NA,that make her boyfie asked for break up…

Well,the day after I got the called from her,she send a text to me..n told me that,she was wrong bout the person named NA…she is his boyfie little sister..they called each other syg coz he love his sister so much..haih..n currently,the number she called me was exactly wrong number..n she kept asked for my forgiveness for the so called bitch n etc…I was smilng n currently didn’t take it serious coz I knew my number always being a victim..haih..n the things went smoothly as I got another call from unknown number…ignore it are the best way rite..what should i do to prevent this things...haih..

n mr xx called me n I told him bout the incident n asked him to review this blog to know everything,n hopefully,u read it k..n did my English is worse??ok fine…like a upsr rite??haha…n also,my mission is accomplish since I write this up in english..nway,HE is my fren k..not more or adapt to be single…mwahahahha…so,mr xx,im going to redeem the GIFT..hehehe..wait k..

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